These two things are cool. I’d almost rather have these two than a laptop. Enough functionality for my needs, and much more portable. The Zaurus runs Qtopia, which is basically a Qt environment (KDE is also fundamentally a Qt environment) designed for handheld devices. It runs on embedded linux. The built-in keyboard is way cool. And the iRiver (great name) is one of the few portable mp3 players that also handles ogg files. Most of my music is in ogg format, so this is essential to my reality. Any portable I get must play oggs, period, end of report.

UPDATE: Apparently there is a new model of the Sharp Zaurus coming out, with pretty much the same features except a much larger screen. Cool.

Oh, and an interesting article about ogg vorbis and more reasons it should be considered for audio distribution. It’s definitely better technology than mp3. But will it gain in useage? If the answer is no, why?

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