The Stern/Clear Channel thing

Thank you, Howard Stern. He has dealt a huge blow to the Republicans/Bush administration. The fact that someone with a huge audience is openlessly, relentlessly, and accurately criticizing the Bush regime in the popular media is having a huge impact on political dialogue in America.

Clear Channel now cannot win. The can fire and/or fine Stern. In this case, they will be proven to be as evil as Stern says they are. This action will only underscore Stern’s point; I’m sure many of his incredulous listeners consider this yet another publicity stunt. And perhaps it is. But you know Howard Stern won’t be silenced. There are enough other communication infrastructures that he could reinvent himself and his distribution, maintaining –or possibly even growing — a huge chunk of his listenership.

Or, they can let him go. In which case milllions of people will hear anti-Bush regime ads daily.

Either way, the Republicans lose. This is, of course, A Good Thing.

Let’s see how far Stern is willing to take this. Will he go as long as he gets publicity? Or is he really going to take one for the team?

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