Audio on computers

I’m really angry right now. I knew that by getting SONAR I was going to have to get a new copy of Windows. I tried to find a copy of Windows2000, unsuccessfully. So, with a “gotta have the right tools for the job” mentality, I made arrangements to get Windows XP.

I just found out that a new, full copy of Windows XP Pro is Three. Hundred. Fucking. Dollars. Ouch. And so I’m mad. I’m made that Microsoft pulls this crap, charging so much money for an operating system that is inferior in every way, except application availability, to Linux. Luckily there is an upgrade version of XP that I can get for $100. But it means I’ll have to install Windows98 on my computer first, then install XP. Shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but just yet another fucking hoop to jump through so that Bill Gates can get his check.

I really wish Cakewalk would port Sonar to Linux. Linux audio developers have made remarkable progress, particularly the ardour project, but the state of Linux audio is such that I can definitely get work done more quickly and easily using Windows tools, because SONAR is light years ahead of audio programs available on Linux.

I’m surprised by how pissed off this is getting me. If even me, someone who has spent literally years raging against the Microsoft machine, learning Linux, and espousing its technical and sociological benefits, is forced to buy Microsoft products, what does that say?

I remember years ago vowing to myself to never buy another Microsoft product. And here I am, doing exactly that. No wonder I’m pissed.

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