Well, we have a dog. Here he is:

His name is Edgar. Mo named him. He’s the one on the right with the chocolate brown fur and the white on his chest and throat. Some funny stories about him.

When we first conceived of meta-dog we opted for the other one, Edgar’s brother. But that dog was almost twice the size of Edgar and very high strung. Edgar had a nice, chilled vibe. So we got him. Mo bonded with him the entire way home. He did great in the car.

He’s doing much better with whining tonight, and responding quite well to operant conditioning. He’s gonna be fine. He brings a wonderful energy. He’s so tiny, 3lbs currently, 6-9 when grown. Very fragile. I’m trying very hard to resist the appetizer jokes. At least he’s not the least bit annoying.

Oh, and get this. When we got home, we found a picture Mo had drawn of the meta-dog. It was folded up, and had been on our altar for weeks. He was, of course, colored brown. And some liquid had spilled on the drawing, so that the brown faded to white…on his chest and throat. No wonder we picked Edgar…

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