Zeroing in on Al Qaeda

There are some very strange statements in this article. Among them:

Sources: Al Qaeda may have made contact in U.S. recently

Wednesday, August 4, 2004 Posted: 6:23 PM EDT (2223 GMT)

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Intelligence found in Pakistan suggests that suspected al Qaeda operatives in that country contacted an individual or individuals in the United States in the past few months, according to two senior U.S. government sources.

Oh. OK. Someone has made contact inside the United States. This someone could be from anywhere, but made the contact somewhere in Pakistan.

What do I do with that? I imagine there are thousands or perhaps millions of emails, IM or AIM chat, faxes, telephone calls, and broadcast transmissions exchanged between Pakistan and the US each day. Good intelligence work, guys.

A senior military U.S. official said a computer seized from Khan contained hundreds of images, including photographs, drawings and layouts of various potential U.S. targets.

Ahh, ha! This obvious Terrorist(tm) had images of US buildings on his computer. Must be a Terrorist(tm). For sure.

Wait, I have images of US buildings on my computer. Shit….

Scott McClellan, white house press secretary, said this:

“I can’t go further into it because it could compromise some ongoing operations at this point,” McClellan said.

Ahh, I see. “Ongoing operations.” That’s the same word they use for what they’re doing in Iraq. And in Iraq, they have invaded and are now occupying the country with overwhelming — yet restrained, this is mostly low-intensity warfare we’re talking about here — US force, against significant resistance from the local people of Iraq.

The only conclusion to make is that these warnings mean absolutely nothing, and are designed to reproduce this charade of a meme: the illusion that the US government is engaged in meaningful dialogue with the people of the world (including the vast majority of US citizens).

These platitudes ring hollow as “declarations,” because the declarations have no ontological weight to them. They are meaningless, and provide only the appearance of accountability on the behalf of the US government. The government goes through the motions of saying things, but in reality they are saying nothing. They want to “protect” us by increasing the amount of armed tension in the “threatened” areas. Joy. Just like the freedom the US government is bringing to Iraq. I get it.

Except here in the US, we have cars, computers, an information flow infrastructure, and a very high level of noise.

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