shoveling in the sleeze

A friend of mine calls snow/sleet/freezing rain “sleeze,” and it seems to be appropriate to my reality at the moment. We had a winter storm come through last night, when I was working. We had calls in queue pretty much all day; it was by far the busiest day I’ve seen since I started working there almost a year ago. Driving home after my 12-hour shift was fun.

My holidays were good. We had another amazing Yule fire/circle/vigil. I made it all the way through, tending the bonfire from sunset until sunrise the next morning; my daughter even managed to stay awake until about 4am. What a trooper. Gifts were great this year. I got my daughter some games that we can play; I was tired of telling her “daddy’s not a game person” so I picked out some games that I actually do like, so we could play together. So far, the most-played game with us has been Stratego, LotR edition. Pretty cool. She also has expressed interest in role playing games; “yes, honey, daddy can help you with that.” Heh. I also picked up a Nietzsche anthology for a friend of mine, a fellow Fritzophile. Santa brought me a digital camera as well, which is quite cool. I’ve wanted one for quite some time, and this one is a nice one; simple for the non-professional, yet powerful and flexible. And it works great with Linux.

Since Yule, I’ve been focusing on the nature of my current spiritual work with a friend of mine. It’s difficult, personal work, and our focus is creating safe space between us that is grounded on all levels, so that we can relate to one another authentically. but it’s good work, and I think the rewards for all the work will be well worth it.

I also made the mistake of dipping my toe into long-stagnant waters this week. Gee, what do you know. It stank, and I got slime on my toe. I suppose it was too much to ask that the water would have cleared up on its own. Ah well, luckily toes are easily scrubbed with no ill-effects in the longterm. Live and learn. Again. *rolls eyes*

I’m also growing used to my laptop. The conveniences of it are wonderful. Very cool.

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