crazy busy

Well, given the huge freakin winter storm that is pending, on top of the subzero temperatures, this has been by at least one order of magnitude the busiest day I’ve ever seen at work. Normally, we have about 13 call receivers working, and if it’s really busy there will be 8 or 10 people on hold. An average day gives us maybe 1100 calls, the busiest day I’d seen was 1700.

When I arrived at noon today, there were 30 call receivers working, 70 calls on hold, and we’d already taken over 2000 calls before noon. By now, we’re pushing 4000 pretty hard. Wow. At least today is going fast. ;-)

I was planning on writing a few entries today to catch up, but we’re actually too busy for that now. This is the first lull I’ve seen yet today. Maybe I’ll have more time this evening, now that everyone is home and is braced for the storm. More anon.

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