charm spell

Yes, I’m an old D&D geek; I’ve played off and on since I was in 7th grade … mostly off for the past 15 years. But I still use its metaphors on a somewhat regular basis: “make the X roll,” “alignment,” etc etc etc. Those of you who play know what I mean, those who don’t, well, there’s always google.

Anyway, Freakwitch (actually Matt and I as a duo) played an open mic last week. It was our first time playing in front of an audience in way too long. It was fun; we did 4 songs and got a decent reception.

But by far the highlight of the evening was during the opening guitar riff of Seems Like, the ambient conversation in the club dropped instantly and noticeably.

I made my “mass charm” roll! Yeah!

Seriously, this is why I play music. Those moments where I can connect with complete strangers through the sounds I am making on my instrument, those moments where my attention commingles with everyone else’s, that is what it’s all about.

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