Well, I was thrown a bone of concreteness today. We got the apartment in Portland, we’ll be moving on the 31st. This is good. I’m eager to return to Portland, in a place that I won’t have to move away from in a few months.

I had a good long conversation this morning with one of my best friends in the world. It was good. He and I have been there for each other in ways that are beyond measure. And it always seems to help us when we process in this way. One thing, through the past several weeks, my friends and my community have been solid as a rock, an anchor in the storm, etc etc. Words fail, but gratitude does not.

In other news, our dear friend JG is back in the hospital with abdominal issues again. Keep her in your prayers. She is a strong bird, and she’s literally scrapped and clawed, crawling back literally from death’s door, but this is clearly a setback. So send JG some good healing abdominal energy, as well as the people closest to her who have been through enough anguish over the past year and a half.

The world feels somehow lighter today. This is good.

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