naughty blogger

I’m such a naughty blogger lately. I mean, 6 posts in the entire month of July? Come on….

But, things continue to move. I’ve just been wholly uninspired to write lately. Well, that’s not quite true; I’ve been wholly uninspired to blog. I’ve actually been writing some the old-fashioned way, with a pen, and my handy new little blank-paged book. It’s good to write this way for a change.

Another problem is that I’m experiencing technical difficulties with my laptop. Something is up with the power supply; it will work just fine for a few minutes, and then either just instantly reboot (like I hit the power button) or just completely freeze up. So since I do all my email from the laptop, emailing me will be unreliable until I fix this. I can still do web stuff and chat on my desktop machine, but for the time being I want to keep everything emailish on the laptop.

As a result of these problems, blogging could be a bit lighter on this front for a while. I’m not making any specific commitments either way, but don’t be surprised if the light bloggage continues.

I’m noticing an interesting change in my body (WARNING: diet and exercise babblage ahead). I’ve had a nice thick layer of fat for many years, especially in my belly. I think I’m definitely losing some weight as a result of my recent endeavors, because a) my clothes are loose; my pants fall down and I’ve had to cut new notches in my belt, and b) my fat doesn’t seem as “dense” if that makes sense. My skin seems looser in my belly, like there’s not as much under it. A friend of mine lost a huge amount of weight many years ago in a short time, well over a hundred pounds in the space of less than a year. And I remember how it took his skin a while to catch up, it was loose and hanging off of his body. So this is nowhere near that extreme (yet… heh) but it strikes me as being similar.

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