I feel lighter today…

…. and I don’t just mean because I’ve lost some weight over the past few months. Though that certainly helps….

Last night I had the most amazing energy blast through me, both energy that had been stagnant and blocked (on some level) for years, and also some fresh new energy. It was one of the most intense energetic experiences (outside of playing music, which is always right up there on the intensity-o-meter) that I’ve had in months. Good-intensity, by the way. It felt fantastic, on both the releasing-old-stuff-that-I-don’t-need-anymore level as well as the nice-clean-fresh-new-energy-to-fill-the-void level.

At one point, I was observed floating up near the ceiling….heh.

But perhaps the best part of it was the connection (re-connection?) with someone very dear to me. Things feel less awkward, and a few orders of magnitude more authentic, in this moving from the slippery slopes and madness of what-ifs to the stark and pleasing immediacy of actual healing work. Whee!

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