a Freakwitchery clean slate

so last night I wiped the studio hard drive clean. It’s amazing how quickly you can fill up a 140GB hard drive, when you record 8 tracks of 24-bit audio, several hours at a time.

We’d been recording our rehearsals, the fruit of which is our new demo (also available in ogg format). So I backed up the relatively small amount of data we needed to save, and now we have a nice, clean, defragged hard drive upon which to record our album, now that the band is approaching Tight(tm).

Despite the fact that we now have a clean slate, we are closer than ever to getting the album done. Album recording can be done one of two ways: first, have a tight band, and capture a performance; second, build the album a track at a time by overdubbing. Because we never had a tight band, we were forced to use the latter method, with mixed results and sloooooow progress. But now that we have a tight band, the first method is a possibility, and will be far superior for our style of music.

We’re also starting to actively seek gigs, for the first time in a long time. Wish us luck!

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