Recording, and Love

Sorry for the sparse blogification as of late. Lots happening. Not the least of which is that we are officially finished editing basic tracks for the Freakwitch album. We have the following tunes ready for acoustic guitar overdubs: Too Bad For You, Seems Like, Tempted, Trouble On The Island, My Own Way, Beauty, Breathe, Tip of My Tongue, Sway, Life’s Too Large, and Make It Through. Plus, I’m optimistic that we can nail Phasing and Surprise as a full band soon.

So this Friday, I’m heading to the studio earlier in the day. I’ll finally get to complete the ribbon mic mod, install the new tubes in the preamps, strike the drum kit, and set up the space for acoustic guitar recording. I’m really looking forward to getting this ball rolling.

Additionally, Freakwitch now has a lead guitar player. This is a very exciting development; Todd is a good guy who has known Matt longer than I have. His style seems to mesh really well with what Freakwitch does, and it will only get better as he gets more comfortable with the material. The electric guitar has an energy about it that no other instrument has, and it’s good to inject the Freakwitch sound with that energy.

So things Freakwitchy continue to move in very exciting directions. This summer things should blossom. We have two goals: finish the album (should be done this summer) and start gigging, regularly. The tentative plan (we have a business meeting this week to hammer out these details) is to pick 4 markets (Portland, Boston, and 2 others) and start regular gigging in those markets. Very exciting stuff…. this band has a LOT of energy, and as we get tighter and Todd gets more comfortable, it’s just going to continue to grow. I think once we get this out in front of people, it will get some attention, either “finally!” (if they know us already) or “who the fuck are these guys, and where did they come from!!?” (if they don’t know us).

On another note entirely, I’ve been experiencing and theorizing about the nature of Love as of late. As I wrote to one of my dearest friends recently, “Love is both a verb and a noun. I can easily control love-the-verb. Right action. No problem. But love-the-noun has a life of its own. It’s either there, or it isn’t.” Over the past few weeks, I’ve been blown away by the amount of love-the-noun in my life, which of course makes me all the more enthusiastic about “doing” love-the-verb. :-)

I say once again: I am surrounded by blessings. Life is good. :-)

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