Balance, and writing

I’m trying to get my legs under me again, in a metaphorical sense. It seems as if my center — that sense of stability I experience when I am grounded — is shifting again. I feel off-balance too much of the time.

I saw the nearly-full moonrise tonight, a beautiful, huge, round eye looking down at me from just above the downtown Portland skyline. I walked home from work and went around the Back Bay. Every time I was given a choice in terms of which way to walk, I followed the moon. She always leads the way well.

I’ve started writing again. The idea that’s been brewing in my head for years now, a large writing project exploring the intersection of paganism with history, politics, metaphysics, and theology is starting to take shape. I’m using a really cool TiddlyWiki page as my nonlinear notebook, as a place to scribble down ideas, useful quotes from sources (think notecards), and do outlines, all from one central location accessible to me from anywhere online.

I think my rediscovery of balance is definitely going to have to include writing.

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