sixteen-track mind

Today was a historical occasion. For the first time, I recorded Freakwitch live, with 16 tracks of recording capability. In the past, we were limited to 10 tracks, which were actually 9 due to some technical details.

We did another round of studio upgrades recently. Everything is installed and running. The new setup means that we can record the entire band playing at once, along with having more than one source for sound for each band member. In other words, we get the sonic benefits of the old overdubbing paradigm, along with the ability to capture the energy of a complete band performance.

Our capability just went up an order of magnitude. This is a very good thing. We have a busy month, lots of recording sessions (including a session at another studio), as well as a gig at Geno’s in Portland on 4/4.

In other news, it’s spring.

About time….

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