Did you ever….

….wake up one day, look around, and realize you live in a really amazing place?

That happened to me the other day. And a few times since.

All of our stuff is unpacked now, and I’ve been quite busy around the house doing lots of fix-it type things. I’ve built 8 bookshelves (4 quite small, two quite large, and two medium-sized), a new compost bin, and a bench seat for my daughter’s loft bed. I’ve also lowered her loft bed (she can now sit up in bed!!!). I installed a new kitchen faucet, and caulked our bathtub. Whee!

In all seriousness, I really love this kind of work.

Soon now, I will begin turning my attention to the outside. In the short term, I have compost to cook, garden beds to plan and landscape, and a yard to get ready for a party in September. In the medium term, I have a studio to build. In the long term, I’d like to put a screened-in-porch and a deck behind the house.

Fun fun fun. The woods behind our house are very cool. I need to spend more time in them.

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