Hello, and a Kobo

Welcome to my new blog. I’ve kept blogs before but this one will be a bit different. The more time goes on, the more disenchanted I become with facebook, so I will be posting here more often, with these posts automatically feeding onto my facebook wall.

I’ve been reading more lately, so it’s only natural I want to write more. Perhaps this blog will see some of it.

Speaking of reading more, I had a kindle a while ago but it died. I had to fight amazon to get them to replace it, they finally did, and the replacement died within a few months. No more kindle for this guy. Besides, I am not a fan of locking units full of DRM and other such nonsense.

So, today I ordered a Kobo Touch. It looks to have even more functionality than the Kindle, and it supports several additional ebook filetypes (mobi, epub, pdf, etc etc). And it has the eInk screen which I find essential to keep eye strain under control. I’m looking forward to getting it soon.