OK, I’ve read the transcripts from the Rep v Dem debates so far. I have a few thoughts about them:

  • I remain convinced that neither Bush nor Kerry will give me anything close to what I desire as a political thinker. Both are committed to “winning” in Iraq and “killing” The Terrorists™. I see both as problematic. In addition, both are committed to expanding neoliberal economic policies, which obviously is not what I think is helpful.
  • I’ve noticed that, in general, the Democratic candidates tend to oversimplify less than the Republican candidates. Indeed, the Republicans seem to think that taking the time to consider an issue and form a nuanced opinion is “waffling.” What concerns me, however, is how many of the American sheeple will agree with the idiotic “you can run but you can’t hide” rhetoric. That notion seems somehow to be quintessentially American, at least in the popular culture sense. I’m thinking of the Hollywood tough guys.
  • I’m still conflicted as to who to vote for. Obviously, Bush will not get my vote. But I can’t decide between voting for Kerry, voting for a 3rd party, or not voting at all.
  • What I’m currently leaning toward is this: no candidate will give me exactly what I want. So I have to be utilitarian; in what sense will my vote do the most good? So the question is, do I vote for Kerry, which will undoubtedly provide some relief to thousands or even millions of people worldwide, or do I vote for the candidate closest to my beliefs, empowering a third party to have more influence?

I’ll have to keep thinking about this.

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