Voted out with the garbage

this article by David Jagernauth, comes from a college newspaper in Oregon. It’s a very well-put perspective similar to my own. My favorite passage:

If the Democrats aren’t willing to fight for what is right when it could weaken them politically, then what good are they? Who cares what they say or think when they aren’t willing to act on those beliefs or take responsibility for their horrendous votes?

Now the Greens for Kerry — yellow Greens as I call them — have conspired with the Democrats to destroy the progressive movement from within. I’ve watched the man who best represents my beliefs and values, Ralph Nader, kicked off the ballot in Oregon and unfairly attacked from the left.

When honkey-donkeys blame Nader for what happened in 2000, it is a slap in the face to the black community. Your outrage, progressive America, is misplaced, as usual. Part of President George W. Bush’s legacy, win or lose, will be that he set back the progressive movement at least a decade. And what has the progressive movement gained by falling on its sword?

Very well said. Kerry in the Whitehouse is but a very small first step. More like a nudge, not even a step.

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