Steve Hogarth – out of the broom closet?

On his webpage, Steve Hogarth of marillion refers to himself as a “pagan” in his latest message:

Well blimey here it is again!
No matter where you are in the world – whether you’re traveling, visiting or staying home, I’d like to wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas in your MIND (which is where it matters most). Try to be NICE to someone who doesn’t entirely deserve it (we can give more than presents) and, if you’re not totally broke, choose a charity and send something to those less fortunate. Don’t be afraid to sing a carol. Don’t be afraid of anything. Drink LOADS, try not to get sick and be patient with those who do. Don’t eat too much, and I’ll try not to also. If you’re not a Christian, have Christmas anyway just for fun. If you’re a pagan (like me) dance naked and I hope you don’t get arrested. Here comes summer…
It’s a circular ride.

Now, “pagan” is basically Latin for “redneck,” and is furthermore arguably the most broadly-defined terms in history. Not sure exactly what he means, but it would fail to surprise me if he means “pagan” in the “modern neo-pagan religious practitioner” sense. I’ve suspected for a while now, actually, based on his lyrics and comments in interviews, etc….

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