poink, right to the heart chakra

I played some music last weekend, but beforehand an African deity manifested before my eyes. He was accompanied by a rock-solid bearded hippy white guy on a drum, keeping groovy time. The deity had a huge head, and he glided across the floor by shaking his feet and floating on the rattling.

He came up to where I was standing, looked up at me, leaned forward with his staff, and went “poink!” right in the heart chakra. The jolt seemed to send a brilliant white pulse through me, that purified and released. Zing!

Then I got to play 2 Freakwitch songs in a room full of people with their lights already on. And there were several master drummers in the room, some of whom played with us.

Then I got another pleasant jolt last Tuesday.

There is a lot of divine energy flowing through my heart chakra lately. Feels good.

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