why are they surprised?

Why is everyone so surprised that the government didn’t move fast enough to help people? Since when has government been out to help people in need? It’s too preoccupied with its prime pursuits, which involve money and oil and war and vast military budgets and cutting edge technology and thought control and propaganda.

Look at the response to the tsunami last year. It was bureaucratic, slow, and profitted upon. It had nothing to do with helping people. With these people, you have to frame it in terms of dollars or it won’t make sense. And helping people is very expensive, we have to tighten our belt, we’re at war.

Can you imagine what the thousands of Louisiana National Guard troops in Iraq must be feeling? Their function is to guard the nation, and when they are desperately needed, in their own state, for their own families, to guard their actual homeland they are off protecting oil for profit?

Who is surprised?

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