Deconstructing BushSpeak

John Chuckman strikes again:

The name War on Terror is itself perhaps the darkest example of Bushspeak. You cannot have a war on ideas, or a war on religious beliefs, or even a war on people’s feelings of grievance and injustice. The War on Terror is code for belligerent interference in the Middle East. It is also code for the suppression of dissent in America, something dear to the kind of people with which Bush surrounds himself, people who lie, cheat, and profit from billions of dollars being squandered. And all this crashes over us as a result of what the intelligence community calls blowback from bad policies and neglect of years ago.

The above is the final paragraph of this article, which literally deconstructs an entire recent speech by George Dubya. Essential reading for those who are easily mystified or are lulled to sleep by BuShite rhetoric….

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