purification ritual, ancestry, and Thor

For several years running, a close friend of mine has undergone a purification ritual at the beginning of each (pagan) year, from Samhain to Yule. This year I’ve decided to join him, a somewhat austere yet quite healthy program to purify the body and forge the will. I’m a few days into it now, and it’s going well thus far, though it is not without its challenges.

I was talking with another friend of mine that “purification” seems to be a central theme this season. Indeed it is so. This past year has been a huge challenge on many levels for me, and now that much of the negativity has been cleared, it seems as if I’m purifying the space that’s left, cultivating sacred space in my life/energy system in which to place new endeavors looking forward. Ritual purification indeed.

Also, I’ve been feeling the Norse Old Ones calling to me lately. I figured it was a matter of time, given the large percentage of Norwegian blood flowing through my veins. One nice thing about neopaganism is that one is free to associate/identify with any chosen aspect of deity; yet that ancestral calling can definitely resonate strongly.

I went to a Halloween party dressed as Thor recently. I can especially hear Thor beckoning to me on some level; I’ve been wearing Thor’s holy symbol around my neck for several days, and of course I’ve been having fun with my own version of Mjolnir for several months now.

But in many ways, Thor represents the aspects of masculinity that I have always had the hardest time identifying with. Thor was the best warrior, and the strongest, yet I am a pacifist. Thor was quick to anger and frustration and violence, all qualities I have tried to quieten within myself. Yet, Thor was also the protector of the gods, the one who took care of the most challenging tasks.

I don’t know much about Thor yet, but I’m learning, and I’ve put the energy out there for Thor to teach me what I need to learn from him.

So I need to beware huge serpents encircling the Earth, giant cats that cannot be lifted, and drinking horns with one end connected to the sea. Or something.

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