time to go wash…

…the fiberglass out of my hair. Bleah. What an unpleasant task. But I’m happy to say that about a third of the studio ceiling is now fiberglassed and covered with blankets. Eventually we will also cover what’s there with some of our fabric.

It really makes a BIG difference in sound. Once we got it up, we’d stand under the fiberglass and make a loud, sustained sound and then walk out under the fiberglass. As soon as we got out from under the fiberglass, we’d start laughing because the sound changes so much! This is cool. It should help us tremendously.

Tomorrow night we get to build the rest of the gobos, then on Tuesday I have to rewire the studio, as we had to move everything out of the way. I also have to resolder one connector that broke while we were trying to unplug the cable that had become corroded. Work, work, work….

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