So because everyone is so enthralled

…I thought I’d explain why I ordered the Shinybox 23 as opposed to the other models.

First of all, there are 2 basic ribbon mic types in this range, the big one (Shinybox 23 et al) and the small one (Shinybox 46, et al). The small one is generally cheaper, and they share the same capsule. However, in the smaller body, the capsule is not symmetrically mounted which means one side of it sounds brighter than the other side. Not good when using the M-S technique.

So the larger chassis it is. The question is then, why the Shinybox, and not the Nady or the Apex or the …. myriad of other rebrandings this mic exists under. Answer: first of all, I like the little guy. Secondly, the Shinybox comes with a groovy case, and is still cheaper than the Nady. Thirdly the guy who runs Shinybox seems to genuinely give a rat’s ass about sound quality.

I placed the order yesterday but I haven’t heard anything yet. Hopefully soon. The site says I should hear within 48 hours.

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