computer hardware update

Well, good news. Just found out that my laptop has already been repaired and is on a UPS truck in New England. It is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. w00t! And if it is indeed repaired correctly, kudos to Toshiba for taking care of this promptly and professionally. I should have contacted them first, when I noticed laptop weirdness from the get-go. Ah well.

To extend that thought a bit, while customer service amongst retailers is going in the toilet, the service from manufacturers seems to have increased to compensate. The rules of the game seem to be shifting, but it’s good to get a new awareness of said rules.

So if all goes well, I’ll have my laptop back tomorrow. This rocks! Now if I can only get to the new Ubuntu install. Gee, it’s only been out since April…

Though I see a new version of Ubuntu is scheduled for October release. It’s possible I may just wait until then and reinstall…. who knows.

In the meantime, I’ve been using my old desktop machine, which is (believe it or not) a 400MHz Celeron machine running PCLinuxOS, or rather an old version of that. I really need to reconfigure this machine as well; there are 2 hard drives and I want to back up all the data, wipe them clean, repartition them, and reinstall everything. But for tonight, I just opened up the case and vacuumed the prodigious amount of dust out of it. I even took out the power supply, opened it up, and vacuumed that. Sheesh. No wonder the fan was loud.

Also, Freakwitch’s new drummer is back from his vacation, so we have rehearsal tomorrow night. Looking forward to that.

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